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Kitesurfing in Westport & Achill

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Sessions Period
Sessions for this activity run for 3 hours

1 Day Beginner Course
2 Day Beginner Course

Max. 8 people


kitesurfingKitesurfing is perhaps the most exciting development in wind board sports. The Adventure Islands offers kitesurfing adventures in Westport and on Achill Island that give you access to all of the equipment and instruction that you need to enjoy this sport safely.

Over the past decade, kitesurfing lessons have exploded in number around the world. At The Adventure Islands, we provide all of the kitesurfing rental and instruction that you need to start enjoying this innovative new sport.

Kitesurfing Holidays from The Adventure Islands

Kitesurfing mayo westportGuests who visit The Adventure Islands locations in Westport and on Achill Island find that Clew Bay is an excellent place to learn how to kitesurf safely. The area offers protected waters that allow beginners and enthusiasts to practice without fear of encountering dangerous motorboats or other vehicles. Clew Bay and Achill Island also have consistent wind speeds that make it easier for kitesurfers to practice without sudden changes in speed or direction.

 Kitesurfing lessons at The Adventure Islands are taught by expert instructors. These instructors have experience with a variety of styles, including wakestyle, freestyle, waveriding, cruising, and even jumping. This makes it possible for you to learn the types of tricks that interest you most. It also means that your group can work closely with an instructor who knows how to follow safety guidelines that will allow everyone to have a great time without the threat of getting hurt.

Kitesurfing Rental from The Adventure Islands

The Adventure Islands has all of the gear that you need for a kitesurf camp. We can help you choose the types of boards and kites that are appropriate for your level of experience. The Adventure Islands has all of the gear that you could need for your kitesurfing holidays. Just ask us to help you select the right equipment and you can start enjoying your day on the water.

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